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Blogs & Press

Fiona, our founder & CEO, was recently a guest in the Tally Rye's Train Happy Podcast, speaking about the work of the charity and a trauma informed approach to exercise provision. You can listen to the podcast here.

EMD UK have published a blog post about our new CPD course.

EMD UK featured theMovement in an article about some recent funding.

We have also been interviewed by Yoga London. Read the interview here

We have been featured on Uspire Life. Read their article here.

We have also featured in an article by House of Sport. Read the article here.
In 2020, we started our social media campaign "3 Minutes With...", where we interview different people involved with theMOVEMENT about their experience of our work. Here our some of the videos...

3 Minutes With Fiona, Founder of theMovement...

3 Minutes With Women's Wellness Zone, theMovement Charity Partners...

3 Minutes With Fiona, theMovement Volunteer

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