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CPD Training:
A Trauma Informed Approach
to Exercise Provision 

One of our key aims as a charity is to be part of creating a more trauma informed Fitness Industry. 

Given the shocking statistic that 70% of the world’s population surveyed has experienced trauma [World Health Organisation 2017] it is extremely likely that every fitness professional has multiple clients who have experienced trauma, such as domestic violence and childhood abuse. 

Safe, inclusive, trauma informed exercise spaces benefit us all and we want to resource fitness professionals in this.

Are you a fitness professional who wants to be part of creating a trauma informed, safe and supportive fitness industry for all? Then we are so excited to invite you to be part of our Trauma Informed Approach to Exercise Provision CPD!

This CPD will equip you to:

- become more aware of how trauma may be impacting your clients and preventing potential clients from accessing your services

- provide suggestions of how to become more trauma aware and informed within your profession

- understand scope of practice, safeguarding and referral options when working with survivors of trauma

Course Content

This CPD is delivered face to face over one day. Within the CPD we cover:

  • Benefits of and Barriers to Exercise

  • Neurobiology Basics

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Trauma Informed Exercise Provision

  • Safeguarding Ourselves and our Clients

Trigger Warning: this course includes discussion of trauma and its impact

Please note ​that this qualification does not allow fitness professional to diagnose any mental health issues, deliver medical treatment away from their scope of practice or act as a replacement to any forms of medical treatment e.g. therapy, medication.

To book on to one of our CPD courses, please register below and a member of our team will be in touch:

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"AVA recognise how trauma-informed exercise can support VAWG survivors to reclaim their bodies and support their well-being and on-going recovery. In order for survivors to feel safe and confident in exercise classes it's important that the personal trainers understand trauma and it's presentations and are skilled to support and sooth survivors having reactions to physical sensations. This training material will encourage personal trainers to provide trauma informed spaces for survivors and we are glad to see it."






Please access theMovement's policies relating to our CPD course here.

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