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Our Values

She is strong.


Every woman that we support is not seen as a passive victim, but as an individual who is strong and unique. We work to EMPOWER and provide support as requested by each woman. 

She deserves to feel safe. 


When supporting our clients, TRAUMA AWARENESS is crucial to the services we provide. We must acknowledge the impact of trauma and work to support each individual with a trauma informed approach

She can break down barriers. 


SOCIAL JUSTICE is at the heart of what we do. We see that women with multiple disadvantages experience barriers that others do not. Women deserve and must receive better. 

She deserves freedom.   


ADVOCACY is one of our key values and projects. We want to work towards a society without poverty and disadvantage for women.

She is in control of her own body. 


We believe passionately that every woman should have BODILY AUTONOMY. We acknowledge that the trauma many of our clients have experienced have stripped them of this basic human right.  We work to restore and maintain this right in how we approach our exercise classes and sessions.

She deserves to thrive.


We recognise that the provision of exercise is one aspect of a HOLISTIC approach to the support and care of an individual. Partnerships are, therefore, at the core of what we do.

theMovement. Restoring her right to exercise.

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