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"We are so grateful to theMovement for providing our clients with such wonderful opportunities to enrich their recovery journey!"
theMovement Charity Partner

Partner With Us


theMovement passionately believes in a holistic approach to our work to ensure all of the needs of the individuals we support are met. This is why we work alongside other charities to provide the services we offer. 


Our services are tailored to the nature of your charity, the needs of your beneficiaries and the space you can offer. This may be 1to1 Personal Training with individuals, small group classes or drop ins. We work with you to ensure that the fitness sessions we provide are appropriate, safe and of great benefit to the women you support.


We are currently expanding and looking to partner with new charities to provide free fitness sessions with the women that they support. If your charity supports women with multiple disadvantages and would benefit from some free fitness as part of what you do, we would love to hear from you!

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