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With International Women’s Day fast approaching, we want to invite as many exercisers as possible to get involved in restoring her right to exercise, so we need your help!


From Saturday 2nd to Sunday 17th March we are inviting instructors, gyms and exercise spaces to host a fundraising class or event for theMovement. This could be an exercise class, fitness challenge or something different!


This gives opportunities for your members, clients and friends to support restoring every woman's right to exercise, whilst also taking part in their favourite exercise sessions!

Not an instructor, but want to get involved? Why not share this with the gym you go to or your favourite instructor and be part of restoring her right to exercise this International Women’s Day.

Let us know if you are fundraising for theMovement this International Women's Day!

Thank you for being part of restoring every woman's right to exercise this International Women's Day!

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